Self Limiting Beliefs Part 2

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Mar2008 02

In my last blog I spoke of those who want to hold you down because of their own insecurities. These people can poison our self confidence if we let them. So how does one break free from a self limiting belief that is keeping them from realizing their true potential?

Step One- Get Real! We are all filled with many complex skills we have acquired over the years and are capable of acquiring many more.

Could you speak English when you were born? No. You were able to learn that skill over time which is much more complicated than performing a biceps curl. Most people can walk upright or sign their name, again all learned skills. Can you drive a car or use a computer? You’re reading our blog, right? Apply the successes you have had learning other skills to this new one as well, the skills being fitness, and yes fitness is a set of skills you learn over time. Then give yourself the same learning curve you have had for everything else you have done in your life. You already should have a good idea how long it takes you to get the hang of something. Treat this skill with the same patience and dedication you’ve given everything else in your life.

How many (healthy) people do you know who never learned to walk as a toddler. ” Yeah I tried to stand up a couple of times as a baby but fell down and knew I just wasn’t smart enough to learn how, so I quit.” How many times have you heard this one? Not a lot I bet. Babies don’t quit trying to stand up. They keep trying until they get it. Next thing you know they are running all over the place, laughing as your trying to keep up. Babies don’t have self limiting beliefs. They barely have a sense of self. They haven’t had time for their brain to conceptualize limits of their own abilities. Approach your fitness skills with the same patience and determination as a baby learning to walk. Yes you will fall down. The question is will you get back up and try again? If not you will live your entire life on the floor.

Step 2-Stop looking to others for approval. We all want respect and adoration. It feels good. But are you so dependent on it that you let it dictate how you live your life? Remember in Part 1 I covered extensively how people with ulterior motives will hold you back while pretending to be working for your best interests. Sometimes it is subtle, sometimes it is not. If respect and adoration are what you are after, be strong within yourself and let your actions speak for themselves( more on that next time). When the attacks come from the “haters”, they won’t stick. Be Teflon, grasshopper. When someone tells me I can’t do something, it not only drives me to do it, but do it spectacularly. Then see what they have to say. Chances are they are still talking while you are accomplishing and the world cannot deny your actions. Then they look even more dumb for doubting you to begin with and their own shortcomings are highlighted by your success.

Step 3- Watch your mouth. I’m talking about the language you use to yourself or about yourself. “I’m so stupid!”, “I’m lazy”. No your not! We use this language about ourselves because it makes us feel safe. It allows us to stay in our little box we have grown accustomed to living in or is in line with what we have been told in our lives by those we don’t want to upset. Whatever you say you are, you are. Muhammed Ali said “I AM THE GREATEST!!!” He wasn’t just telling the world that, he was telling his subconscious mind that over and over again, and when he stepped into the ring he believed it and it showed. You don’t have to hold a press conference to declare your greatness but if you’re saying negative things about yourself out loud or even silently, STOP NOW! If you are the greatest, say it. Why not? I know I am. I AM THE GREATEST TRAINER IN THE WORLD!!! I AM THE GREATEST TRAINER IN THE WORLD!!!
J. NyQuist CPT

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