Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

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Nov2008 10

The Holidays are upon us and let the eating and parties begin! The great thing about the holiday season is we get the chance to meet with friends and family and connect. We get a chance to take a break from the day in, day out grind we call life and enjoy simpler pleasures. To many this traditionally entails eating and drinking much while exercising little if at all.

We all know it’s true because we wear it on us come New Years. That is why so many people’s New Years resolutions are to start a fitness routine or go on a diet. In this blog we have outlined strategies to enjoy your holiday season with all of the enthusiasm you are accustomed to and come through it all looking fit, healthy, and relatively unscathed. Here are a few tips to keep the holiday weight gain in check.

1) Keep Active! This is probably the most important tip. There is no reason to let your entire fitness level fall off during the holiday season. We live in San Diego, not Buffalo. We can all get to the gym or brave the elements for the next few months. Exercising through the holidays, even a limited amount will preserve your muscle mass and keep your metabolism revved up making it much easier to burn calories, not to mention the great calorie burn your workouts are. It also makes your New Years workout regimen much easier instead of starting back at zero.

2) Weigh yourself on the scale EVERY day! The reality of your indulging will be there for you to monitor on a daily basis making it much easier to stay motivated to exercise or scale back your eating and drinking. There will be no surprise 15 lbs. you didn’t know were there.

3) Keep a food ( and drink) journal! You’d be surprised how quickly a cookie here and a piece of pie there add up. Write down everything you’re taking in. When you review your food journal, you will know exactly how much you’re indulging and can adjust if need be.

4) Find low calorie alternatives to your favorite holiday treats! Review the recipes you use for your favorite holiday dishes and see where you can cut calories without sacrificing flavor. Or find a new recipe that isn’t totally loaded to begin with. With simple monitoring and moderation you can come through the holidays without a scratch or a pound of fat!

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