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I find myself as a trainer giving the same speeches to all of my clients again and again when it comes to the fundamental factors that determine some ones level of success. Even though not one of my clients has the same exact goals and needs, they all get where they are going with the same concepts and tools as all of the others. One of the most important principles( if not the most important ) is CONSISTENCY!!! You do not need to kill yourself during your workout every time to be successful. You do not need to follow the perfect diet with no room for error to be successful. You need to do all of the parts of your fitness program fairly well, but on a regular, CONSISTENT basis to do very well.

People get so hung up on every little detail of their programs( and by people I mean myself, maybe you can relate) they feel like if they can’t give 100% to it they won’t do it at all. Maybe they are tired when they had a workout planned and don’t feel like running their usual # of miles. Instead of slowing down or doing a shorter run, they skip it. They fall off of their diet plan over the weekend and “blow it” so what’s the point now? The problem with doing anything hardcore all of the time like that is BURN OUT! There isn’t anything in our Universe that’s inexhaustable. Even our Sun will some day burn out. So I propose that instead of trying to commit to a certain program or diet, commit to the fitness lifestyle. A lifestyle is something you live everyday. Just do the best you can every day. If you’re tired or busy, do the best you can THAT day. But do that every day. Do something for your health every day instead of trying to take on a full workout schedule or impossible diet( hate the concept of going on a diet by the way, I think of them like vacations, something you go on temporarily, before you come back to your old ways, more on that later) and burning out after 2 weeks and quitting.Monitor your energy and mood toward your workouts and diet. If you start resenting any part of it or start feeling stressed about trying to maintain it, you need to modify it. These are warning signs that you are on your way to burn out and subsequently quitting. Just do what your shedule and energy level will allow that day but DO SOMETHING FOR YOUR HEALTH EVERY DAY!!! Consistency is the key to success.

Some other trainers may disagree but I don’t care. It’s my blog and my opinion and you will be hard pressed to find 2 trainers who agree on everything when it comes to fitness and nutrition. Take everything you see, hear or read with a grain of salt( unless it’s coming from me in which case you can trust that it must be true), try it, and if it works for you keep it, if not toss it. Individual health is such a personal matter only you can ultimately decide what’s right for you. But I’m willing to bet that what ever you do( anywhere in your life), if you do it CONSISTENTLY, you will ultimately be more successful than cycling through pushing hard for a while coupled with complete inactivity. If my advice is wrong for you, toss it.

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