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Apr2010 05

Hello future recruits!
This is John Sims coming at you. Today I want to talk about Gym etiquette. Too many times in my career have I and my clients had the misfortune of dealing with the idiots and funk factories that plague the gym. As a general rule, WASH before you go to the gym! I know this my sound childish to have remind people of this most basic ritual but, time after time I have had to hold my nose or run to another part of the gym because Pepe LePew has sprayed his funk all over the gym!

The same rule applies to perfume. Please don’t take a ghetto bath and spray yourself down with perfumes or colognes. When you are working your ass off and some yahoo strolls by trailing a vapor cloud of scented stank, it almost makes you throw up! At times I have had to run to garbage and toss cookies thanks to the strong smells emitted by these rude people. Use colognes and perfumes for outside the gym. Respect others rights to breath fresh air!

If you are a smoker, smoke your cancer sticks AWAY from the doors and windows of the gym! We are at the gym to get healthy, not to inhale your poisonous exhalations! Please remember to re-rack your weights and wipe down the equipment after use. I have tripped over dumbbells left on the ground, seen people struggle to off load heavy plates left on machines and watched the “big boys” take the largest dumbbells, use them, and leave them out for us to admire. It is rude and foolish to be so unkind towards your fellow gym members. Sweat streaks on the benches! Good god! Wipe up your sweat! It is physically repulsive to see the goo some people leave on the benches after they use them. You have a towel, use it! If you don’t have one and are a chronic sweater, use the spray bottle and a paper towel or gym wipes offered by the club!

If you are going to blow your nose, use a tissue! I have seen people in the gym, on the stairmaster, plug up one nostril and blow snot rockets from the other! Eeeewww! How absolutely gross and unhygienic! My closing comment is aimed mostly at my male gym members, but if it applies to some ladies, take heed. FLUSH the toilet after you go! I don’t want to see last night’s dinner floating in the toilet after you relieve yourself! And please wash your hands before you leave the bathroom! Anyway, that’s just a little something for you to think about.

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