The year of DO!

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Jan2011 06

In 2011 most of us decided to make a change for the New Year. 2010 ended and we almost always declare that the following year will be better. The question is, better in what way? I attended an AMAZING mentorship program last fall led by Todd Durkin, owner of Fitness Quest 10 in San Diego. He told us that we needed to change the way we thought about life, fitness, health and our goals. He said that most people know the phrase, “Ready, aim, fire” but are stuck in the “aim” part of it. He challenged us to switch the phrasing to, “ready, Fire, aim!” In essence, the goal of the challenge is for us to take ACTION! If we take ACTION and do our best, great things will come our way. That is why I am making this the year of “DO!” I am going to think BIG, dream BIGGER, and take the BIGGEST steps possible to achieve my goals for 2011. If we want change we have to embrace it because change is inevitable.

I have written my goals down and posted all over my house and car so that I can see them daily and work towards fulfilling them. I strongly suggest that you take the time to clearly define your goals for 2011 and create a system of accountability so you can reach them. I focused on what I perceived was my weakest area so I could make it my strongest. After all, you are only as strong as your weakest link. That is true in training, life, and in business. I hired a business coach because I knew I needed help in creating systems for my business and to become a better businessman. Getting help when you need it is the BEST thing you can do with your time and money. When people hire me to help them reach their goals it isn’t because they can’t do it, it’s because I can help them reach their goals faster. After 21 years in the Fitness Industry, I am constantly learning new things to become the best I can possibly be and serve my clients better.

There are a few things that I use with my clients to help retrain their mentalities towards themselves. The first is, I won’t allow certain words to be spoken, “can’t, try, and quit,” are not allowed. PERIOD! These are self-defeating words and words have power if you let them. If I hear them spoken, we do 3 more reps just to prove that they can. Second, I don’t accept excuses. If you say you are going to do something, DO IT! Keeping your word is more important than anything else to me and to yourself. You create currency with yourself when keep and honor your word. You develop a stronger self-confidence every time you do what you say you will do and when you don’t, you lose that confidence.

In the 20 years that I have been with my wife, Lynn, I have NEVER broken a promise to her. NEVER! She knows that when I promise her something, it will happen. That’s some serious currency! Take small steps and set realistic goals that you can keep and achieve. The third is, enjoy life. We have one life, why not truly live it? Play with your children, go on a date night, take a stroll on the beach. The point is, life is meant to be lived! Don’t let the daily pressures of life stop you from truly living an extraordinary life! If you aren’t happy, make a change. If you aren’t happy in your career, make a change. If you aren’t happy with the way you look, feel or think, MAKE A CHANGE! It has been said that if we do our BEST and only accept the BEST, we will become the BEST!

In the year of “DO,” take some risk. The old saying, “nothing ventured, nothing gained,” is soo true! Make some deadlines for things to happen, tell people about them and ask for accountability. I have a network of masterminds to hold me accountable for anything I tell them I am going to do, what’s yours? We will help you meet, achieve and exceed your fitness and health goals if you take the opportunity and ask for our help. That is my PROMISE to you! We care about health. We are passionate about fitness. We are The San Diego Boot Camp! Come join us and let’s succeed together!

~John Sims

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