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May2011 18

Let’s talk about choices. We have the choice to breathe or to die.  Plain and simply, life is all about choices.

We are the most blessed race in existence, the human race.  We have opposable thumbs, we can make fire and we can make food!  We are the intelligent race on this planet and yet we act like fools! We choose to poison our bodies with fake foods and pollute our minds with junk on TV.  We CHOOSE to not realize the magnificence of our being.  Life is what we make it!  We aren’t promised tomorrow or a better today. What we do is our own choosing.   We have the choice to be great or average, be successful or to fail.   If we are blessed with the opportunity of choice then why not choose to be extraordinary?  We all have dreams of what we would like our lives to be like but how many of us actually do something about realizing them?   Success is a personal definition.  Some us define success as having lots of money, toys and a fancy house.  Others define it as having a loving family, wonderful friends and a balanced lifestyle.

What is your definition of success?  Or happiness?  At the San Diego Boot Camp as our motto states, “we exist to educate, motivate and empower people to achieve THEIR goals in fitness and in life.” Our goals are simple; we want to help you reach your goals whatever they may be.  You have the choice to sit on the couch and watch life pass you by or you can hop on the train of life and ride it til the wheels fall off!   Lets talk about the power of choice for a minute.  Choice is a conscious decision that you make about what you want to do.  Nobody has the power to do that for you except yourself.   If you give that power away by making excuses and laying blame on others for your lack of action you still have made a choice without realizing it.  You chose to play the victim role.  The old saying, “excuses are like a**holes, everyone has one” doesn’t have to apply to you UNLESS you want it to!  We are all born perfect.

Throughout life we are constantly bombarded with rules, social demands and labels.  If we agree with the negative things people say about us then we have chosen to accept it as truth.  Someone might try to poison our being by saying we are fat or ugly or stupid or whatever garbage they may say.   If we act from a place of power and do not accept the negative poison placed on us then we can understand that those trying to hurt us are really hurting themselves.  If you want an honest, unbiased opinion ask a child.  They do not possess the same politically correct filters that we have as adults.   Young children do not say things out of malice, they speak the truth!  If your breath stinks, they will tell you!  If your outfit is pretty, they will say so.  We can choose to be more child like and search for the beauty in the world and to speak the truth.  Spending time with my girls, Simone and Soraya, is always a breath of fresh air because I know they will speak the truth and find joy in the littlest things.  At birthdays and Christmas they have more fun with the wrapping paper and boxes than with the gifts in them.  What if we did the same thing with life?  What if we chose to slow down and smell the flowers?  What if we really lived every minute of everyday as if it was our last?  What would your day look like then?  Would you choose to worry about the bills, buying a bigger house or getting that next promotion?  Or would you get busy crossing things off of your bucket list?  If you don’t have a bucket list I would highly suggest writing one immediately!  Writing ideas down on paper give them legitimacy.  Taking action on them gives them life and life is what we are living!

It all comes back to choice.  We have the intelligence to choose what we want to believe, what we want out of life and what life we choose to live!  Make the best choices possible and live an extraordinary life!

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