1)   Eat Slowly. It takes 15-20 minutes for your brain to register that you are actually full.  Try setting your fork down after each bite.  If you are eating with friends or family, engage them in conversation to slow your pace.  Eating slowly will actually help you eat less, saving calories and increasing the enjoyment of your meal.  As an experiment, use a kitchen timer and make your next meal last for 15 minutes.

2)   80% full.   Instead of going for the food coma that many of us know after eating a huge meal, go for 80% full.  You will retrain your brain and body to be satisfied without being overly stuffed.  This secret goes hand in hand with #1.

3)   Live in the moment. Practice being mindful, not mindless. Turn off all distractions when eating, no phones, TVs, computers or books. Pay attention to the tastes, smells and textures of your meal.  You will find that your meal tastes richer and is more enjoyable.

4)   Sleep. In this fast paced world where we all strive to get as much done as we can everyday, we neglect a crucial element to our health and happiness; sleep.  You need to get at least 6-8 hours of quality, uninterrupted sleep per night. Turn off the TV, lights and cell phones.  You heal, burn fat and recover from your daily stresses when you sleep.  Sleep in complete darkness and avoid sweets and dessert before bed.

5)   5 hours of exercise per week.  You have 168 hours each week to live your life.  Use 5 of those to help secure your healthy future.  Do 3 hours of resistance work and 2 hours of high intensity interval training.  You could do 45 minutes per day and achieve your fitness needs.  Remember that quality of exercise is more important than quantity.

6)   Change your environment and systems.  If you have a bad habit of snacking or eating junk food at home, don’t buy it!  If you don’t have it in the house, you can’t eat it!  Choose to spend your time with friends that live a healthier lifestyle.  Model your health habits after theirs.  Small consistent steps toward your ultimate goal win every time.   Change the way you prepare your food.  It’s just as easy to cook 6 chicken breasts, as it is to cook one.  Plan your meal just as would plan your weekly schedule.   Use two days per week to cook and prep your meals.  Pack them in containers and bring a cooler with you wherever you go.

7)   Take Action.   All of the best plans and ideas are worthless without taking action on them!  Break your ultimate goals down into small steps that will achieve.  If your goal is to lose 100 lbs. this year, break it down.  100 lbs. divided by 52 weeks is 1.92 lbs. per week.  1.92 lbs. is equal to 6,720 calories. 6,720 calories divided by 7 days is 960 calories.  30 minutes of intense cardio will burn up 500 calories, reduce your caloric intake by 460 calories and your goal will be accomplished!  Now that you broke it down, it is easy.  You have an action plan.  Here is a link to determine how many calories you are burning when exercising.  Remember that you need to burn 3,500 calories to lose 1lb of fat.  http://k2.kirtland.cc.mi.us/~balbachl/calorie.htm

8)   Hire a coach or a trainer.  We all have coaches, teachers or trainers to help us reach our goals in life.  You didn’t graduate high school or college without them.  What is stopping you from using one now?  I have business mentors and a trainer as well.  The role of a coach is to push us to new levels and become our best.   Even pro athletes have trainers and coaches to help them reach new levels of fitness and excellence.  A great coach will ask you what have you done in the past?  Why didn’t it work? And how can they best help you reach your goals?  Their purpose in life is to help you become great!

9)   Laugh more often.  Laughter really is the best medicine.  Stress levels are at an all time high and we simply do not laugh enough.  Children laugh in excess of 300 times per day! Adults laugh about 5.  Laughing changes our whole endocrine system.  It tempers the stress hormones and increases the healing hormones.  Try this, the next time you are stressed out, put on your favorite comedian and see how you feel after a good belly laugh.

10)  Recharge your batteries.   Just like your cell phone battery needs a daily recharge, your spirit needs one also.  Go to your healing place as often as possible.  It may be the beach or the mountains or even spending time around children.  Unplug from your daily stresses and recharge yourself.  Spending quality time in nature without electronic gizmos is very therapeutic.  Whatever your special place is, take some “me” time and go there.

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